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* 01] Name/Location;Jack/Hickory
* 02] Age/Birthday;16/December 29th, 1987
* 03] Hobbies/Talents;the computer
* 04] Bands/Singers you enjoy;limp bizkit, linkin park, incubus, sum 41, blink 182
* 05] Some Likes;girls, my car, macaroni and cheese, marijuana
* 06] Some Dislikes;waking up early and the queers that ask for paper bags
* 07] Pet Peeves;eating food in my car, unless you're stoned
* 08] Favorite quote/lyric;"tell me why can't we be what we want to be? we want to be free" it's from a Bob Marley song but I have no idea what it's called
* 09] Favorite song;at the moment, Space Cowboy by the Steve Miller Band
* 10] If you could take one person to dinner and ask them five questions - who would you take and what would you ask them; wow I have no idea... I might take my dad and I don't even know what I would ask him... I guess why and then I have no idea
* 11] Last book you read;umm... I don't remember... something for English though, maybe it was a house on mango street?
* 12] Idol/Role Model[s];never really had one of those
* 13] Future Goals/Aspirations;go to an Ivy League school
* 14] Your Style;laid back
* 15] For the rest of your life, would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? Why;damnit I am gonna be rich and happy.
* 16] What makes someone beautiful in your opinion;umm everything about them, except for their opinions
* 17] Do you believe inner beauty reflects your outside appearance;ummm... maybe in a few rare cases
* 18] Why do you think you are beautiful;because I am friends with you guys
* 19] You must choose between your best friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend - who do you choose;best friend
* 20] What's your favorite phrase;...asshole
* 21] Where did you hear about us;the Biz
* 22] Promote to two people and show us who;
JackoMan06: you should join this live journal community called prettykissyface
SRD13777: i think ill pass
gissyboy69: no that's ok
* 23] Provide no less than 3 pictures and you are welcome to show more.if I knew how to put pictures on here, I would
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