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You MUST fill out an application

PLEASE put your application under an lj-cut


Once you break three rules you will be banned...3 strikes your out!

Once you are an accepted member, when you post entries, put 'I'm pretty. Kiss me.' in the subject line

If you know you will not be active for a while, let us know ahead of time. So we won't penalize you

No posting (other than your application) before you are accepted

If you are rejected you must leave the community, and don't come back.

This community is for girls and boys =)

Acceptance will be based on majority rule and by Mod's acceptance. If one mod says No then you're out. Both Mod's have to be in agreement.

You have to be at least 15 to join this community

Where it asks what your favorite phrase is put, "I'm a Pretty Pretty Princess" to let us know you read the rules

Post frequently once you are accepted

Comment frequently

Vote frequently on applications

Give clear reasons why you said no or yes

Have Fun!!


* 01] Name/Location;
* 02] Age/Birthday;
* 03] Hobbies/Talents;
* 04] Bands/Singers you enjoy;
* 05] Some Likes;
* 06] Some Dislikes;
* 07] Pet Peeves;
* 08] Favorite quote/lyric;
* 09] Favorite song;
* 10] If you could take one person to dinner and ask them five questions - who would you take and what would you ask them;
* 11] Last book you read;
* 12] Idol/Role Model[s];
* 13] Future Goals/Aspirations;
* 14] Your Style;
* 15] For the rest of your life, would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? Why;
* 16] What makes someone beautiful in your opinion;
* 17] Do you believe inner beauty reflects your outside appearance;
* 18] Why do you think you are beautiful;
* 19] You must choose between your best friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend - who do you choose;
* 20] What's your favorite phrase;
* 21] Where did you hear about us;
* 22] Promote to two people and show us who;
* 23] Provide no less than 3 pictures and you are welcome to show more.